by Jenny Junkeer

Ever wondered how to create more capacity to scale?

Let’s face it, every business has limited resources (both human and money), time is something that is rarely spare and the ‘to do list’ just seems never ending.

To fix this and create capacity, firstly let’s address how it got this way...

The answer is people are too polite to say no.

Humans are busy people with pride and therefore want to contribute. So we do late nights to fit it all in, because we can’t say no.

So don’t say no, instead say is this the highest priority?? This question is not asked nearly enough in business, and it is critical to scale. Prioritize what must get done, and you can instantly create capacity.

Something to ponder: What ever made you think the items being done on the bottom of the to do list makes a difference?? That saying no to them would cause damage to the business?

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